is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to support individuals and families in need.  In today’s complex society, it is often very difficult to overcome hardships. Misfortune can come in many forms  and are not usually due to a person’s own actions. In virtually every community there are those who struggle to  meet basic needs for a variety of reasons that could include the loss of a job, a lack of transportation, medical  issues, a disability, a family crisis, terrorist attacks or natural disasters. and its caring staff understand that helping even one person can make a profound difference, but in  actuality, we try to help as many people as possible by providing basic needs and services whether the need is  related to food, clothing, supplies, rental or mortgage assistance, utility bills, car payments, medical conditions,  job training, computer training, budget counseling, or limited transportation assistance. Once an immediate need  is taken care of, our goal is to then encourage self-reliance and long-term sustainability.

 We strive to serve all races, nationalities and religions as God would have us do. We also support and  collaborate with other charitable organizations, programs and individuals whose missions and values are in  alignment with ours, and who have a proven history of completing successful projects. Our partners include  everyday people, businesses, government entities, and local organizations of all sizes that are aware of the  unique needs of the communities they serve and can develop local solutions.

 Our sole purpose is to connect with individuals who are reaching out for help and extend the grace of God to  those in need, not only by offering physical relief but also spiritual restoration. Our ‘heart of compassion’ guides  our organization with a passion to serve in Christ’s name by tending to the ‘least of these’ as directed by the Lord  in Matthew 25, v.35 - 40. is an independent legally recognized 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation and gladly gives tax receipts for  all donations.